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Energy Efficiency


"WHY IS MY ELECTRIC BILL HIGHER THAN MY NEIGHBOR'S?" You have a TV, VCR, microwave oven, electric range and cook top, refrigerator/freezer, stereo, clothes dryer, heat pump and personal computer. So does your next door neighbor. So why aren't your electric bills about the same?

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There are many factors involved in answering those questions. Consider this: How well are your walls insulated compared to your neighbor's? Do the members of your family take showers or baths? Are the showers  long and use a lot of hot water?

Are you cooking gourmet meals or baking from scratch while your neighbor pops quick meals in the microwave? Does the TV keep you company even when you're not watching it? Does everyone turn out the lights  in a room when they leave? Are you or members of your family at home more than your neighbor's family? Are your homes about the same size?

No two families live alike. So no two electric bills are the same. Comparing your monthly statement to anyone else's would be like comparing your weekly grocery bills. Two families of four will never spend exactly  the same amount on food because their tastes and habits are different.

Think about the conveniences you might be willing to pay for, even though your neighbor isn't. Are you more comfortable sleeping in an extra-cool house on hot summer nights? Maybe your neighbor has set his or her thermostat a few degrees higher. Do members of your family entertain themselves in separate rooms after dinner - turning on a light in each - while the folks next door gather all together in a family room to watch baseball games or a movie on TV?

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Remember, each of your neighbor's bills is going to differ from the other neighbor. Just make sure your bill reflects energy that has been used as efficiently as possible.

If you have questions about your bill or your energy usage, call us (660) 457-3733. We'll be happy to help you learn about your family's electricity usage and possibly make suggestions on how to improve efficiency.

Online Energy Efficiency Guides

An easy to use comprehensive guide for the home and business. One of the best we've found! 
Not as simple as the DOE's Online Consumer Guide, but still a great site that is loaded with accurate information.

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